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Maximize Value From Data

Clinical Trials
MedAware Systems delivers detailed data, information and analysis from published literature, reported regulatory events and social media. AI-based data & analytics provide comprehensive support for regulatory submissions, post market surveillance, scientific publications, R&D, and other business requirements.  Learn More…


AI for Drug Discovery

Business Intelligence

The cost to develop a new drug can exceed $2.6 billion and take over 15-20 years from drug screening, lab testing, animal studies, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 trials and the stringent FDA regulatory process. Biomed AI is a technology platform built to transform the drug discovery and development process using Real World Evidence and artificial intelligence-driven computation.

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Real World Evidence

Clinical Trials data
MedAware Systems boasts the most experienced team in medical research data aggregation and analysis in the world. This capability provides you with all available Clinical Trials Evidence (CTE) data and Real World data from Regulatory Databases and Social Media

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