Power Your CERs and 510(k)s with Complete Clinical Trials Research Data

Maximize Value From Research Data

Clinical Trials
MedAware Systems’ Science of Health Informatics (SOHInfo)™ is a Scientific-Data-as-a-Service that analyzes massive data sets culled from published medical research. SOHInfo is the only repository of curated clinical trials “Data” – not simply a catalog of studies – and provides unprecedented breadth and granularity for the most in-depth analysis of scientific medical evidence.  Learn More…


Optimize Your Business Processes

dvanced Surveillance of Clinical Trials Research, Regulatory Databases, and Social Media for: Post Market Surveillance, Regulatory Filings (CERs, 505(b)(2), and 510Ks, EUMDR, ICSRs); competitive analysis and marketing messaging;  due diligence; and informing new product development with all available published research and Regulatory AE reporting.  Learn More…

CTE to Empower Your RWE

Clinical Trials data
MedAware Systems boasts the most experienced team in medical research data aggregation and analysis in the world. This capability provides you with all available Clinical Trials Evidence (CTE) data and, now, RWE data from Regulatory Databases – What could you do with all of the data?

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