What Could You Do With All The Data?


SOHInfo™ is the Data Service of choice for Pharma and Medical Device Companies. With AI literature screening and Advanced Intelligence™ data curation and analysis you can empower your Regulatory Filings, Competitive Analysis/Marketing Messaging, and Product Development with all available evidence on safety and efficacy from the published literature.

  • quickly screens thousands of published articles, providing you with all published scientific articles on your device or drug
  • provides the Fastest and Most Accurate data extraction
  • continuously updates you on new articles as they are published
  • regularly updates the database with data points extracted from new articles 
  • provides subgroup analysis to uncover cohorts-level benefit from a drug, device, or therapy;
  • informs you on gaps in current literature to discover new research opportunities;

SOHInfo is the only industry-standard knowledge platform for evidence-based clinical research and business due diligence.

“Although, according to Morton Hunt, meta-analysis began in the social and behavioral sciences, it is in medicine that its greatest contributions have been realized. No greater contributor than MedAware Systems can be found. As meta-analyses have proliferated and have begun to draw criticism for their methods and applications, the need for greater transparency and standardization of methods has grown. MedAware Systems is meeting that need. Researchers, medical practitioners, and eventually the public will benefit.”

 – Gene V Glass, Emeritus Regents’ Professor, Arizona State University, author Primary, Secondary and Meta-Analysis


Employs the world’s most comprehensive clinical data sets for your products:

    • For Faster Regulatory Filings
    • Quick compliance with the new EU MDR Filing Requirements
    • Reports are delivered to you in weeks not months
    • Faster Annual Post Market updates at little additional cost
    • Optional creation and submission of meta-analytic manuscripts for publication in major journal

How SOHInfo works for you

SOHInfo Process

SOHInfo distills what historically has been a costly, laborious, time-consuming, and complex task into three quick and simple steps.

First, we work with you to identify and define the information you require. Then we develop a comprehensive PICO to inform our automated literature search application.

Next, studies are quickly identified and carefully reviewed to insure they meet all PICO requirements. A PRISMA Chart is developed to guide the data curation process. In this step all relevant data from the studies are extracted, organized and standardized for Analysis.

With Analysis complete, a comprehensive report is delivered to you in a matter of weeks, rather than the industry norm of many months to years. 

Another feature of SOHInfo is an optional subscription for continuous alerts when new studies conforming to the PICO are published. This can also include continuous extraction of data form the studies to be sued for future reports and regulatory filings.

Lastly, we can develop comprehensive manuscripts for submission to prominent medical journals for publication.


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