What Could You Do With All The Data?

SOHInfoSOHInfo™ is the world’s first knowledge and analytic portal for data acquired from all published medical research literature. Offering you access to the most powerful analyses possible. 

SOHInfo continuously aggregates, organizes, and interprets clinical research data. It is the only industry-standard knowledge platform for evidence-based clinical research and business due diligence.

“Although, according to Morton Hunt, meta-analysis began in the social and behavioral sciences, it is in medicine that its greatest contributions have been realized. No greater contributor than MedAware Systems can be found. As meta-analyses have proliferated and have begun to draw criticism for their methods and applications, the need for greater transparency and standardization of methods has grown. MedAware Systems is meeting that need. Researchers, medical practitioners, and eventually the public will benefit.”

 – Gene V Glass, Emeritus Regents’ Professor, Arizona State University, author Primary, Secondary and Meta-Analysis

SOHInfo Features

SOHInfo Features

Data that informs users about gaps in current literature for new research opportunities; subgroup analysis to uncover potential sub populations that may benefit from a drug, device, or therapy; answer new questions by leveraging complete data from the published literature.


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The SOHInfo Process

SOHInfo Process

SOHInfo Ensures Complete Literature Control And Deep Domain Knowledge

using the live literature overview and surveillance dashboard

SEARCH for and review any publication with the Publication Browser™

EXPLORE the data using search filters and literature selection tools

KNOW your literature domain scope, data trends, and gaps in knowledge

LEVERAGE all available data for evidence-based intelligence

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SOHInfo Process

SOHInfo distills what historically has been a costly, laborious, time-consuming, and complex task into three quick and simple steps

How it Works

First, as a subscriber you choose a relevant database or any subset of data in that database. For example, you develop and sell treatments for certain forms of dementia. In this step you simply choose to work with the Dementia database. You could narrow the data set to include data only applicable to your specific products, or you could work with data applicable to your competitor’s products for a comprehensive competitive analysis.

SOHInfo Subscription Service

Next, the Data Dictionary and Categories Guide are used to map into the large amount of data chosen in step 1 above. For example, you want to explore the efficacy of Pharma treatments for Alzheimer’s disease compared with non-Pharma treatments with respect to cognitive outcome. To do this, you create the “Concept” of Pharma treatments to mean pharmaceutical drugs and not other substances such as supplements. Your “Concept” of Non-Pharma treatments would be defined as all other treatments for the disease.

Lastly, with the specific data with which to work, you begin to apply real-time analysis. This step could be thought of as a Sandbox, where you “play” with the data chosen and conceptualized. SOHInfo guides you on which analytics are optimal for your analysis, e.g., efficacy scores, risk ratios, adverse event rates, etc.

Another feature of SOHInfo is that subscribers are able to see and filter the studies from which data were curated at a remarkable and unprecedented granular level. This will render other repositories of studies, for example the National Institutes of Health’s PubMed, obsolete as their ability to precisely filter studies is rudimentary and typically results in thousands of citations, where many are not relevant to your needs.



Sample reports from SOHInfo



SOHInfo Overview

Figure 1. SOHInfo Literature Overview – giving you a complete understanding of the domain


SOHInfo Data Directory

Figure 2. SOHInfo Data Directory – An example of the remarkable granularity provided in the Literature Overview


SOHInfo Data Dictionary

Figure 3. SOHInfo Data Dictionary – Creating the roadmap to the data; where you define key data concepts

The data can be filtered for a specific patient profile or application setting. This personalization of all available data as it relates to treatments, devices, and outcomes is a first in the industry.

SOHInfo Data Filters

Figure 4. SOHInfo Data Filters – where you select and analyze data specific to your needs.

Think of this as a Sandbox where you choose any combination of the data to analyze. The example below shows the efficacy of Pharma and non-Pharma treatments on cognitive outcomes for 108,203 participants with Alzheimer’s disease, as reported in 708 studies. A score above 0 indicates improvement.

SOHInfo Analysis

Figure 5. SOHInfo analysis – an example.

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Data you can trust

Based on the life’s work of Dr. Zung Vu Tran, one of the world’s leading authorities in medical meta-analysis, SOHInfo is populated with data that are expertly curated from all available research studies. Our team of Medical Research Scientists have the most extensive experience in curating data from medical research studies in the field. Using our patent pending software, our double-blind data extraction methodology extracts, reviews, and confirms data accuracy. This process ensures the highest level of scrutiny and exacting quality control in medical data science.

Our new 21st century application provides all of the knowledge contained in hundreds or thousands of research articles in a few button clicks – without you having to spend months or years reading and curating the articles themselves.

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