About Us

“Partnering with MedAware Systems allowed us to fastidiously and efficiently take an objective, methodological approach to a medical issue that has been vexing clinicians for over two decades. Nearly 1,000 publications were uncovered … allowing us to extract and synthesize data from these publications in the form of a meta (mega!) analysis – much faster than we would have been able to do ourselves…what might have traditionally taken years was completed in months.”
                                                                                         Seema Kumbhat, MD, Senior Vice President, Regional Medical Director, Fresenius Kabi

MedAware Systems, Inc. is a next generation medical research data company that empowers Pharma and Medical Device companies with all available evidence from published clinical trials research, event reporting databases, and social media.

The SOHInfo data and analysis platform delivers massive datasets in the shortest time frame in the industry. Data are meticulously extracted, organized, and standardized, and instantly available for analysis, at a remarkably granular level. The Company continuously aggregates, organizes, and standardizes these data to constantly provide you with the industry-standard  information resource.

Post Market Surveillance  SOHInfo Post Market Surveillance          SOHInfo Post Market Surveillance

Meta-Analysis – The Problem We Solved

Human Clinical Trials are the basis of evidence-based medical science and treatment. The results of these studies are published in peer reviewed scientific and medical journals. Over 100,000 such studies are published each year; the cumulative number is in the millions.  Until now looking for usable evidence from this huge body of research is initiated by keyword searches in databases such as NIH PubMed, PubMed Canada, Europe PMC, the WHO, journal publishers, and others. Typically, such keyword searches return thousands of hits, making it impossible to get a comprehensive understanding of the most recent findings, treatment modalities, or drug and device safety and efficacy without spending months or years reading and analyzing studies.

For Researchers, Pharma and Medical Device Companies

With its patent-pending technology, the Company is currently addressing critical needs for Pharma and Medical Device companies. Current customers include: Medtronic, Fresenius Kabi, Nestlé Health Science, Terumo BCT, Stryker Medical, and others. The Company uniquely addresses significant problems experienced by its customers, including:

  • collection and analysis of all published research data for regulatory filings
  • comprehensive and granular competitive analysis
  • evidence-based marketing messaging in highly competitive markets
  • due diligence for product or company acquisition
  • informing product development with analysis of all relevant published research

A Tremendous Resource for the EUMDR

The new medical device regulation in the EU (EUMDR), requiring re-certification of medical devices, comes with a hard deadline that is fast approaching. A key component of the EUMDR is its mandate for significantly more clinical evidence, especially for higher risk devices. Contact us for more information on how SOHInfo will provide significant value, in both time and cost, for your MDR filings.

Why MedAware Systems?

No competitor offers the speed, granularity, accuracy, and completeness of data and analysis as MedAware Systems. Studies are aggregated, with all data extracted, and full analyses are provided in a few months, not years.


Competitive Advantage

Utilizing our patent-pending software tools, processes, data analytics, and highly trained and experienced staff we:

  • search and categorize the vast body of published clinical trials related to your specific products
  • ingest massive amounts of data from those trials in a remarkably accelerated time frame
  • and provide the most complete and granular analysis possible today

With comprehensive analysis from MedAware Systems, you obtain greater insight into the efficacy and safety of your products than is currently available elsewhere. You are also able to identify reliable trends in patient outcomes as well as process additional data to uncover trends for specific cohorts and application settings.

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