SOHInfo: What Could You Do With All The Data?

“Working with MedAware Systems has been an exciting learning experience.  The meta-analyses performed with them have opened new possibilities. Their work has yielded practical knowledge and created the possibility for future growth. Thank you so very much.”

– Juan B. Ochoa Gautier, MD, Chief Medical Officer Nestlé Health Science


SOHInfo meta-analysis

SOHInfo™ provides you the ability, for the first time, to bring data mining capabilities to the science of medicine. It combines machine learning with expert scientist review to accurately extract all data from each published study, with industry leading repeatability and reliability. It comprises a complete solution for utilizing all published scientific data to fully investigate complex medical treatment and device questions.

SOHInfo is powered by the world’s first medical research database, and provides the largest data sets for any area of inquiry. These data sets are continuously maintained.

From data production to data consumption, the SOHInfo team will guide your regulatory, competitive landscape, marketing, due diligence, or new product decision path.

Why SOHInfo?

We support you through active client engagement, statistical analysis and consulting, and readily accessible results. With unprecedented depth, scope, and granularity of  data you are empowered with the industry’s most robust analytics solution.

SOHInfo’s commitment to scientific integrity and methodological transparency permanently closes the meta-analysis gap and delivers completely informed, interpreted, and consumption-ready medical research data analytics for evidence-based solutions.

Providing Remarkable Value
  • Quickly and comprehensively satisfy government regulations with the complete body of evidence on safety and efficacy (for example, new regulations passed in the EU for the re-certification of medical devices)
  • Analyze all available clinical trials research on competitive products to insure the highest level of market intelligence
  • Fine-tune the design of clinical trials through analyzing and understanding all prior research efforts; thorough analysis of past research, prior to committing to development of new drugs, devices, and therapies, reduces costly mistakes or missteps
  • Obtain the most complete and comprehensive data for company or product acquisition due diligence
  • Create powerful, evidence-based marketing messages
  • Thoroughly understand

With SOHInfo you can:

  • Investigate and discover previously unknown relationships within the data – giving you new understanding of treatments or device safety and efficacy – where, when, and for whom.
  • Quickly answer questions that previously took too long, cost too much, or were simply too big to answer using conventional approaches to Literature Review and Meta-Analysis
  • Support data and analysis needs across your entire organization and obtain truly useful and actionable results

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Empowering your CER and 510K processes:

Get the most thorough and granular data for Clinical Evaluation Reports (CER), 505(b)(2) and 510Ks. Our Process:


  • Identifies all pertinent data and their sources; This includes a detailed protocol for the literature review, including a clear and concise definition of the search terms. We also define which databases, languages, and peer-reviewed journals that will be accessed
  • Develops a detailed appraisal of the pertinent data
  • Quickly accesses and organizes the data that will be analyzed for safety and performance
  • Analyzes the clinical data. This includes risk analysis, comparisons of competing products, and clinical usage methods. The end result is a determination as to whether your product meets or exceeds required safety and performance criteria
  • Demonstrates a clear conclusion based on the objectives of the literature review and evaluation of the largest data set available

The initial report delivered to you constitutes the foundational document that can be updated regularly as new safety or clinical performance issues arise. SOHInfo updates its data sets on weekly basis with new research information, keeping you completely current.

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